Saturday 6 October 2007

Stoop sale scoop, or, All along the watchtower

And it happened right on my very own stoop, also. At least the stoop that is my very own until monday. There's a multi-block stoop sale happening today in Prospect Heights, and much of the proceeds are going toward the Develop, Don't Destroy Brooklyn fund, which is a VERY GOOD CAUSE INDEED, and is fighting off a major megadevelopment in this neighbourhood, which would threaten to change the living face of Brooklyn forever.

So.. the scoop. Well, right outside my current abode up here on Prospect place, amongst the second hand clothes, books and broken electronics, was a sign that read:

From Plaza Hotel Lobby ------->

Hurrah! Somebody in my house stole a bunch of Tiffany from the Plaza Hotel, stashed it in their one bedroom flat for a number of years, and finally purged it for ten bucks in a stoop sale! Fight billionaire development with nicked objets d'art! Hurrah!

Lets hurl Tiffany wares at the Atlantic Yards' "community liaison" building! This revolution has more options than two.

Further down the block, Emily was delighted at having found a wardrobe (a little miracle, she said) because she's been longing for a wardrobe for AGES now! Over the other side of Vanderbilt, Gloria from Jamaica is having a good day, selling her stuff for a dollar or two apiece, though she has to keep moving her chair to stay in the shade, because it is HOT today in new york city, folks. HOT! We sing the song of global warming as we celebrate our ability to streetjive in the heat this late in the season..

And further down Prospect again, by Flatbush, there are some dudes with a 78's record player, playing some Memphis Minnie records, and on the other side of the street there's a family man with a rare copy of the Peyote Awareness Journal, the inaugural edition. This little slender volume came out of a group based in Arizona back in '96, and they've got a Letter From The President and everything in there.. bankers on acid, clearly. Lets take minutes on our psychedelic journeys of revelation and grief! Have bi-monthly AGMs and conference tables and whiteboards as the tears of love flow down our cheeks and we vibrate to the beat of our internal atm machine..

I'm spreading the word, person by person, that I'm looking for a new place to live in this neighbourhood. And so far, each conversation is another reminder of why I want to live here. A weekend of jivin, dancin, rollerskatin, talkin and light aperitifs on the lawn, beckons.

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