Thursday 3 December 2009

Eloquent woman alert

This woman is pretty cool. Her name is Diane Savino, and she's the Democratic senator for Staten Island, who made this speech on Wednesday for the state senate gay marriage bill, which went down 36-24. Though frankly, I think if you give it some time, you will also see endless tv series' where 30 gay men compete to become the husband of someone they have only previously seen in a sportswear catalogue.

Go Diane.

via the awl and Paula's facebook status.

Sunday 29 November 2009

See the Seams

This got voted #1 in The Guardian's Best-Of-Decade best-in-show album list, which I think says more about British broadsheet criticism than it does about albums that were made in the last 10 years. The criteria they used to decide this were also boringly fashion based. But the guy clearly has a playful and energetic way with words. I think I'm going to sit down and listen to this all in one go, because it describes a kind of journey through itself, though on first listen it's got similar qualities to what I found in Speech Debelle: musical mind-numbing monotony and a lot of earnestly over-worked lyrics. You know, you can see the seams, you can feel the effort.

So here's another journey I just took on the internet this past hour.
From Brian Eno, talking
to U2 at 19 years old.
to what Brian Eno did to U2

Dig that bridge on Unforgettable Fire. Fuck were they smart to get Eno in.

Once Eno is on your mind, he's on your mind.
And you have to end up here.
Every time I get there, I get the goosebumps.
Speaking of which, this is an interesting thing. So good you could listen to it twice, you say? Well... more than 20 years later, but you can really hear what it's made of.

And after all that, you end up inspired. Disclaimer: your results may vary.