Saturday 20 March 2010

Cool stuff made by my friends, #2: Vacuum Tree Head, Thirteen

Last year, I sang some vocals on an album by a band called Vacuum Tree Head, aka Jason Berry and a loose collective of musicians based in San Francisco and New York. They have been making music for some time, and their latest album is the first time I have sung with them. The album has recently been released and is called Thirteen. It's brilliant and intense, a tightly packed twenty minutes of joyful artrock mayhem. This video features the vocals of the other singer on the record, Sylvia Gordon:


vacuum tree head

You can hear a selection of their stuff on their myspace, but right now the only place online you can hear the songs I sang on is CD Baby, where they are snippetised. I sang in strange tongues on "Djinn 2", "Neck Talkers", "Backlit Epiphany" and "Nights of Horseback Salad".