Sunday 30 September 2007

Local news: block party on Sterling

I went for a stroll through the 5th avenue neighbourhood between President and Dean, this evening.. Got a love hit while passing the deli counter of Key foods, on seeing the deli dude's fro in a hairnet.

There's a block party on tonight on Sterling between 5th and 6th, and it's already pretty hot (and loud). It's currently a bit like three block parties on the same block, a hispanic party, with djs decks and drinks, then a bit further up is the black version, and a little further up is the chilled older ladies with cocktails, salad and babies version. There's a six foot trophy sitting out in the middle of the street that looks a bit like a wedding cake with the world cup on the top of it. The street is blocked off with jeeps and trucks up by 6th ave and witches hats on 5th.

Just being the neighbourhood roadwatch this evening, for all you Park Slope drivers.
I'm off to Dumbo tonight.

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