Monday 12 October 2009

The Stanley

fig 1

fig 2

I am rejuvenating my work hut in the field with some cool silver covered fibreglass insulation. When it is done, my work hut (see fig 1) will look like a wooden cabin from the outside and Warhol's Silver Factory on the inside. I do so love contrasts. This work involves a lot of 'space blankets' (see what I mean?) and a staplegun. A fancy staplegun. A Stanley staplegun (see fig 2). So.

I would like you to get up now. I would like you to get up and walk around your house. Get up, walk around your house, and look for home improvement and creative projects that require the use of a staplegun, a fancy, eternally reliable staplegun. A staplegun you don't have. And call me. Because I have such a staplegun. I am now the Staplegun Lady. I am Cool Hand Luce.