Sunday 30 September 2007

Deleting ignorance

I've just found myself editing a sentence out of a post, and saying out loud, I don't want to show my ignorance. Sigh. It might just be an interesting day.


  1. is that "interesting day" as "may you live in interesting times" (a Chinese curse, if I'm not mistaken)... Now that you have recognized that line as revealing ignorance (an unavoidable aspect of having a mind ("original ignorance" anyone?), and even admitted that you were ignorant (always a good cognitive step), would it matter if you revealed what you were ignorant about??

  2. Or, isn't deleting ignorance an oxymoron? maybe we can only overwrite.

  3. Yeah, so here's the skinny:
    It's about REVEALING ignorance, and then noticing the ignorance, and then deleting the ignorant reference, the signifier, the marker, the pointer, the lamppost that indicates the ignorance. The ignorance comes goes shimmies and shakes with the lights off. As soon as the street is lit, things start getting less interesting, in the Chinese kind of way.
    But I actually can't remember the sentence. Some geographical fact about downtown Brookyn, and I realised I didn't know what the hell I was talking about and somehow it mattered. Something like that. God you're demanding. I like it.

  4. Jesus, I can't believe I've remembered that sentence but I have. It was,

    Clearly, DUMBO is the new Soho.

    And then I realised that it's probably been the new Soho for a long time. You know, when I come out with some bollocky sentence like that, it just has to get edited out. You're right about overwriting. Can't stand that shit.