Thursday 4 October 2007

I love working with the dirty word

That feels good to say. I testify.

There's a lazy, slow vibe snakeing through the treetops up here on the fourth floor on Prospect, today. It's a day for the fire escape, I think. I feel so worded out right now, a shift feels like it's a-comin, or actually, a-happenin, into the music. Into the picture, into the song. I really enjoyed making my Wishing Well performance joint, last weekend, down in DUMBO. Some people took video and photographs, other people just jumped on in and hollered, others stood and smooched, clapped, made contact, and yet others walked on by. It was gorgeous! As soon as I see some of this video and photo stuff, you will too.

I feel at home here, in Brooklyn. Though I need to find a new place to live here, very soon (please send tips).

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