Sunday 3 May 2009

So you think nature is fragile and cannot possibly withstand human whim?

I just noticed yesterday that there are some weeds here that have pushed their way right through the tarmacadam here. The weeds are poking right through it.

Whoever thinks that human activity will indeed blight the earth's surface irretrievably, has obviously never ever met a weed like the one growing through the tarmacadam in front of this house right now.


  1. I love when plants do that. Pah, they say, puny human materials! Today I took a photo of a young sycamore growing incongruously through a gap in a row of boulders. When the tree becomes big and strong it will probably muscle the rocks back a bit to make more room for itself.

  2. Sheer bitchen grit and determination. It is inspiring. And they grow prickles just to keep us from pissing them off.

    There is a small ash tree growing from a crack in the corner of the house here in Clare. If it is allowed to get bigger it could knock the house over. It has not yet been pulled.

    New Orleans is fucking spectacular for nature reclaiming the land. The trees have ripped up the sidewalks there like there's been an earthquake.

  3. "The fragile ecosystem." That always cracked me up when I was living in the Mojave Desert.

  4. Oh Sheila I hear the desert is actually teeming with life. A friend from Dublin - we used to play music together - now lives in Arizona and for about a month we had evening phone calls about how living the desert was and how much like the sun New York was.