Saturday 9 May 2009

Ok one more


  1. I saw keyboard cat before this "play him off thing", it adds a lot, it gives meaning to the whole thing, Deep meaning! I hope keyboard cat plays me off when the time comes.

  2. Yes. I will have to post a lot more stuff that is suitable for the 'crud' label. Am open to suggestions. This play him off video was linked to elsewhere, clusterflock or twitter or something, but it's the Hindenburg one that I find particularly epic.

    I must find the link on cf for you where we talked about keyboard cat: both Cindy and Sheila I think also expressed a fervent hope that Keyboard Kat would play them off when the time comes. Sounds like some kind of club forming.

    Yes, I know I am still awake. Going to sleep now.

  3. Dang, Ross, this is a Moment. A Movement. Oh, yeah, Cindy Scroggins and I both imagine departing this mortal coil to the keyboard stylings of Keyboard Cat. Can we rig up a contract or a pact or something?

    I like it that the actual cat has been dead now for ages.