Tuesday 9 February 2010

Just have to have more of that

Janis on Dick Cavett, some time later. Got to love a chatshow host that has a lighter on standby on the desk. And the refreshingness of the conversation! And nobody has to hold up the record because everybody who needs to know about the record knows about the record. Goddammit.


  1. Man he's so young! a long time ago, he seems so uncomfortable, so nervous around this other kind of creature, pitifully self deprecating, she seems cool but struggling with him, his pathos, out of her element here really...

  2. There are a lot more of these. I could post them all the time. The golden era of talk shows, and I never knew about Dick Cavett until recently. All this time on the internet and I never thought of googling Janis or Jimi to see how they talked. It was Cecil Parkinson in Britain and we used to get him but it was all Richard Burton (yum) and Orson Welles and Peter Cook and Tommy Cooper. Tommy Cooper! Ok, give me a minute.