Saturday 13 February 2010

Wombat Recording Company

Jesus this place has become a bit of a youtube zone of late. I'm going to spend the next while posting links to work by friends of mine, stuff I find inspiring, fun, interesting, good. Let's start with Wombat Recording Company.

This is the home of Ross Bonadonna, owner and operator of Wombat, which is a recording studio and creative production studio in Brooklyn, New York. I've been making my record there with Ross, who has also produced the entire thing. You will be hearing what we've done there over the past year really soon (mwahaha).

Meanwhile, Ross has recently launched a site for his Wombat Music Workshop, currently a place of crazy and unusual compositions which are gorgeous and tender, after you've gotten over the initial shock of the new. The first release from the Workshop is called "A Perfect Day", an album-in-progress which you can download free on Bandcamp! You can hear me singing on "Ladybug".

<a href="">Ladybug by wombatmusicworkshop</a>

Ross is on Twitter, though you wouldn't know it most of the time. He's a studio guy, who burrows underground and does excellent work there. It's up to the people who surface with their shiny, golden records to be the proof of that.

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  1. Beautiful! I downloaded the album and look forward to a quiet time to listen to the whole thing.