Monday 12 October 2009

The Stanley

fig 1

fig 2

I am rejuvenating my work hut in the field with some cool silver covered fibreglass insulation. When it is done, my work hut (see fig 1) will look like a wooden cabin from the outside and Warhol's Silver Factory on the inside. I do so love contrasts. This work involves a lot of 'space blankets' (see what I mean?) and a staplegun. A fancy staplegun. A Stanley staplegun (see fig 2). So.

I would like you to get up now. I would like you to get up and walk around your house. Get up, walk around your house, and look for home improvement and creative projects that require the use of a staplegun, a fancy, eternally reliable staplegun. A staplegun you don't have. And call me. Because I have such a staplegun. I am now the Staplegun Lady. I am Cool Hand Luce.


  1. What a splendid hut.

    I love stapleguns.

    I love hardware. And hardware stores.

  2. Yes, I took a break from insulating today, what with the cattle stampede and everything, but I am eager to get back to it tomorrow. It is going well, I am now down to the roof and a few tricky triangular shapes above the door. I keep running out of staples.

    No kidding about the hardware stores. We must have spent 2 hours on Ross' last day here last week, just walking around this warehouse looking at things. I find these places sources of joy.

  3. That is the shiniest Stanley I've ever seen. The hut looks great, and I bet the surroundings are lush as well.

  4. Must... make.. joke.. about.. Stan ... ... being. ..... ... shiny! Sometimes jokes are hard. Well inside the hut is looking really rather shiny right now. I will post pics soon. I've decided to do the roof too, and after much deliberating and calculating (beams and awkward stuff), I have found a way of proceeding.

  5. "What with the cattle stampede and everything."

  6. We are tying the fucking internet together here.

  7. It's as well you have that staple gun so.