Tuesday 20 October 2009

Nellie sings!

This is Nellie, who stayed with us for a while a couple of weeks ago. She is a very smart and talented and silly dog, and her favourite song is the Coronation Street theme tune. Every time we played it, this was how she responded. In this video, Nellie is singing along to the old version of the tune, and as it turns out, she didn't like the bridge. Maybe it is just that she didn't know the bridge, and it wasn't very interesting.


  1. You know, I do believe she is actually in tune quite a bit.

  2. More than one might reasonably expect. And I love that she is unimpressed by the bridge. Thanks for uploading this, Lucy!

  3. Oh it was a pleasure, Stan. I just wish we had better quality video. Used photobooth, and then blogger squashes it down a lot even from there. Still, Nellie shines, and I'm glad you appreciate her.