Tuesday 23 June 2009


Radiolab has made a fantastic episode about stochasticity, the nature of chance and randomness. They pack a hell of a lot of stuff into 59 minutes.


  1. I found this episode. Absolutely incredible. It reminds me of college, when a photojournalism professor kept calling me "Miss Lacey." When I finally corrected him, he said I had a twin and there were many odd similarities, including the fact we both drove beige VWs. Then years later I picked up a photo album at my MIL's house in Iowa and saw my husband's first wife. It wasn't Miss Lacey. But this woman looked far more like me than my own sister. She had on exactly the sandals I was wearing at the time, burgundy Bass, getting into a beige VW bug. Same black curly hair, partly pulled back in a very distinctive way. At the same time I moved from AL to Washington, D.C., with my first husband, she moved to New York City with her first husband. Shortly after, we both cut our long curly hair VERY short, the same cut. I won't go into details of other similarities (too personal). But I'm still stunned by this. And still wondering where our third is, Miss Lacey.

  2. Heya Glimmer! Nice to see you, glad you responded. Isn't that doc amazing? I love the way Radiolab make shows, in three parts; dense, light and permeable. Lovely.

    Please let me know if you find your Miss Lacey. She does sound like a bit of a sexy secretary, are you sure your prof wasn't just being a perv? Photojournalism has been on my mind this past day or so, I must post something here about it.

    Interesting about the similarities between you and your husband's first wife. I wonder what his response was to that? I suppose it is possible that he hadn't noticed, sometimes people don't. Was he surprised?

  3. I have bookmarked Radiolab and will be a regular now! Thank you for that. Will do re Miss Lacey, I have kept my eyes out for her, but no joy. And no, that prof was super straight-laced. Others, maybe, but not that guy.

    And my husband's first wife? I laughed when I saw that picture, said "Couldn't you have used a little bit of imagination?" He did get my point, conceded a resemblance. But anything the least bit woo woo makes him nervous. He IS from Iowa, after all. I am from Alabama, so, scratch a southern, find a mystic I guess.

    His first wife was from his hometown. I swear people perked up when they saw us walking around there. I told him, "They think you two are back together after all these years!" Of course when I opened my mouth that notion was dispelled. Southern accent. Y'all.

  4. Well that sounds like an opportunity to have a lot of fun! I can only imagine the faces of the neighbours registering confusion, perhaps tweaking slightly, like a pooch when he is confronted with something he doesn't understand, you know? Sort of twisting to the side, ears perked up. All ears perked to the y'all.

  5. One old farmer followed us through the local museum, which was festooned top to bottom in everything having to do with funerals from the 1800s-early 1900s. I jest not. Iowa is billed as middle America, the cradle of normalcy. But I tell you, this a truly, wonderfully strange place. Anyway, eventually the farmer charged up to us and bellowed, "Where are YOU from?" He just could not understand it. And couldn't be quiet. My husband, who is so friendly people have invited us to dinner during stops at huge gas stations off interstates, chatted him down and all was well.

    I really need to find Miss Lacey, really throw everyone for a loop!