Wednesday 24 June 2009

The man in the blue suit; the man in the white suit

So the security queue at JFK was a nightmare of inefficiency and chaos, with a guy in a blue suit and blue latex gloves in a desk in the middle of it all, looking around at anyone who sniffed and took everybody's passports and put a little mark on them. I suppose they had to give him something to do. His job was to look out for sniffles. Seriously.

It's not going to be so easy to get rid of swine flu but they have to look like officialty is making its moves to get the situation under control or some other suitable platitude. The lousy news is that swine flu is expected to run riot this winter. The good news is that fatalities are commensurate with any other normal flu, which is to say, very very few.

I cannot believe I am blogging about swine flu. It is so hard to care. It was the guy in the blue suit in the madly inefficient JFK queues what made me do it. Here's a picture of David Byrne's gig at the Prospect Park Bandshell a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I know you can't see David Byrne. He was wearing white. He's in the middle.


  1. That's an even whiter suit than Alec Guinness wore in 1951. Or else Byrne is using radioactive tooth polish, and smiling.

  2. Very. In any case I'm talking nonsense only because I'm jealous, having missed Mr Byrne on his last visit to Ireland. Next time he comes calling I'll remember to bring my sunglasses.

  3. I have pictures in different coloured light. I don't know if it will ameliorate your jealousy, nor will it make the thorny issue of "where is david byrne?" any clearer.

    This was kind of a nice one because it was a free gig. We had to queue up for a few hours beforehand, but some friends came along to join us and it was fun, really. I hadn't been in such a huge crowd in some time. It was festive. Open air gigs are a bit hit and miss I think, they had a great sound system but so much escapes to the air anyway, and whatever sticks around has had to be heavily exagerrated to make it, but he played a good selection of songs (Take me to the river! Once in a Lifetime!!) and it was a very enjoyable gig.