Wednesday 27 May 2009

Fancy investigating the alexander technique?

Here is an article from a practitioner, with some easy exercises, designed to loosen the posture and free the voice. I haven't tried it yet, but I am very interested in the alexander technique. It is a system of posture retrieval that aims to peel away the layers of awkwardness and stress that may have been put on the posture, in order to allow it to be what it is, naturally and in the raw. It's an onion-peeling approach that I find heartening generally, wherever I find it.

Especially when you are spending the day in an airplane.


  1. Have you recovered from the flight yet? I've never done the Alexander Technique formally, but I read a short introductory book on it last year and found that much of its advice was intuitive; at least it would be to someone who does regular yoga or Tai Chi or pays careful attention to posture and the body and so on. As a natural sloucher with a history of back trouble (luckily not in recent years), I know how easy it is to pick up bad physical habits, and the A.T. seems to be systematically designed to prevent and undo such habits.

  2. Yes it is the intuitive sense of Alexander that I am drawn to.

    The jetlag gods weren't very interested in me this time. They have much more fun with me when I'm travelling east, usually. I haven't really experienced any jetlag this time at all!

  3. That's good. Maybe you have *become* one of the jetlag gods.

  4. Yes, possibly. Inured by being.