Friday 6 March 2009

Interspecies Loving, or, Get-You-In-The-Mood Friday #1: classic cat and dog

This edition of Interspecies Lovin' Friday might just have an anthropological edge for the same money, so hang on in for the ride. Today, we are featuring the classic dog and cat scenario: a volatile and needy situation at the BEST of times.

Here we have a classic moment of edge of interspecies cuteness. The cat finds the chihuahua so godammed cute, he just can't stop himself... these things are so often about subdom issues when it comes down to it.

In the next video, it is clear what is going on is that the siameses had been bored of each other's company for a very very long time, the sheer sameness of it all. And then the puppy arrived... The classic three lover relationship. The love seems to be truly shared around. Note that the dog is not a chihuahua. Only with this species variation could this situation be so harmonious.

The following pair of videos, when viewed in tandem, will help you to learn something. Ok, so look at this first. The picture of interspecies grooming harmony (with a little subdom edge, clearly, if you scrape the vaseline lensed surface away). There is simply no question about it: the chihuahua is this cat's bitch.

Now. Take a look at this. Same cat. Same chihuahua. But realer. More complicated. Also the introduction of cat #2. We are ready for more.

Have you noticed how the cats are ALWAYS the dominant partner?

But can they really get along? I mean, outside of the sofa, the bed, the livingroom floor? Tune in next friday! We might have donkeys. I am not promising anything, Cindy.

1 comment:

  1. In all these clips, there are many themes. But one of them, it seems to me, is of the preening chihuahua, utterly camera aware, gazing directly into the camera and directly into the cat, and submissive in a kind of trophy wife way. And ever constant is the cat figure who kind of could really eat the chihuahua were the mood to swing a different way, but instead just keeps on licking (occasionally sneaking an occasional nibble).

    It is kind of meta. The cat is gazing at the chihuahua with glee and seeing the cute in it. The chihuahua is a cute plaything for the cat. The chihuahua understands that it is a cute plaything, and that this is the key to its market value. Meanwhile, we gaze at this stuff and get our jollies, but really, the locus of our empathy is with the cat.

    I am amazed by the tolerance of all the cats in these videos. Especially when the little yappy dog gets hissy. Cat's all like, what, dude? Are you fucking serious? And you know, yappy dog is sort of trying to reclaim its dignity as a real live dog, rather than mere plaything, in that moment.

    These things are complicated. Gameplaying very often is.