Tuesday 24 March 2009

The greatest thing to hit email: Undo Send

Yes folks, gmail now allows you to go up to five seconds backwards in time and delete an email sent in error, regret or neglect. Isn't this just about the finest thing to hit email since, uh, gmail?

If you have a gmail account, just click on the labs tab under settings in the top right side of the page, and scroll down until you find it. Then forever after, you will have a few vital seconds to change your mind when sending an email! Hurrah!


  1. Well see, now that they've gotten the 5 second delay, Sheila, don't you see we are closer than ever to a time machine? I want to hear from you about gypsies also.

  2. I've also heard about an iPhone app that blocks out certain numbers from your phone before you go out drinking, and replaces them in the morning, along with the sobriety. I do think this kind of thing is bizarre.