Saturday 31 January 2009

Rothko transubstantiates in my room

I have come to London to see a Rothko show. While I am here, I will do lots of other things also. It is getting interesting.

This evening, my first full day here, I returned from the loo to see my water bottle on the floor, seeping water, in this peculiar - there's no way around this but through - maroon Rothko like form. The floor here is maroon, it just is. The floor is a Rothko-like maroon, to begin with. Now, with a dark form in the middle of it, reminding me of the purpose of my visit.

I had no previous knowledge of the colour of the carpet in this place, and I bought that water with a full intention to drink it. It's thirsty work spending hours in the tube, circling between King's Cross and Moorgate, trying to find a functioning Metropolitan line on the weekend, and thus missing the Complicite show that is probably a thing of Greatness. You need water for all that.

Universe had other ideas.

Rothko lives! But yes, I am looking forward to reuniting with those paintings (and new ones! ones I have never ever ever seen before! hurrah!) tomorrow evening.

Gosh, this article is very interesting.


  1. Lucy, I was going to say that this was a sign, but, it's so much more than that.

    The article is very interesting and of course I am very envious of you.

  2. yes, Phil. It's a Rothko water painting. Right here. It has faded significantly since I took that photograph, right after it was made. I expect it will be gone by the morning.

  3. With no water, I wish you luck at the show.

    By all means, I hope to read more about your experience in the upcoming days.

  4. By morning it will be the "Rothko That Never Was".

  5. How was the show?

    I've been to the Rothko Chapel in Houston, TX and love his work. I've found that if you look at his early paintings as they progress through those before his suicide, it's as though he developed an astigmatism. I amazed about how his work changed over time.

  6. That's an interesting perspective, Reuben. Isn't it wonderful to be shocked by work like that? This show really surprised me. It was not at all what I had expected. Not a retrospective at all, focussed on the Seagrams, and later work. Incredible. I have just arrived back in Clare, have to work on an essay about it. I'll keep you posted. I loved it. But deeper.