Tuesday 20 January 2009

Beep. Feathers.

I used to write long things here a lot more. And then I started pouring that energy into songwriting, Clusterflock comments and Twitter. It moves around. I'm in Ireland again for an as yet indeterminate time and I'm thinking vaguely in the direction of a writing project to do while I'm here.

Meanwhile I am freezing and feeling kind of vacuumed. It is pouring rain and I can't take Tar for a walk until there is a gap in it. I've just compiled a list of some rocking old posts, I hope you enjoy them...

Releasing the Monkey
Milk Cartons
A Cockroach Cautionary
Love on the Carrer de Verdi
You can take the fear out of the mouse but you can't take the mouse out of the cat's mouth
Stories on the Eve of Thanksgiving
Gonna kill you, mister mosquito man

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