Tuesday 20 January 2009

Dearg Doom

How's about this for something real...

Now listen to the first third of that U2 song again. It's really like a high octane Hollywood Blockbuster of a song: absolutely nothing in it of any real feeling or interest but lots of forward momentum and recycled familiar sounds from their own past and classic rock history, without the song itself taking flight at all. The song sounds enslaved. Like it doesn't really want to be at all.

I think it is true that there is only so much megawealth and success that an artist can have and be able to keep making music that has profound resonance and intensity and interest. Unless they are really very good, of course.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy The Horslips. There's that bollocky youtube delay on the visuals but it's a reasonable enough audio.


  1. Oh, that U2 hoo-hah just stinks. It fails the 'first ten seconds test' in the first two seconds.

    You know, those guys scared me 25 years ago. That video of their performance at Red Rocks in Colorado -- "Sunday Bloody Sunday" -- those Teutonic flares and all the stamping . . . put me in mind of a Nuremberg rally.

    Now they just bore me.

    So I'll go with Horslips.

  2. I'm all for resurrecting classic Irish rock, Sheila. Stay tuned...

    Regarding U2, I think they've definitely had their moments of realness and specificity, but you know, they've kind of descended into a pit of cliche the past quite a while.

    You know, that's something I really appreciate about a songwriter like Joni Mitchell, for instance: she writes specific songs inspired by something specific. It's not jiving on a theme or making some big blahblahblah noise. I think I have to write a post about this topic.