Wednesday 24 December 2008

WInter Wonderland, New York

It's been raining hard today, turning all the snow and ice into slush and slipperier ice. But this is what it looked like upstate last weekend.


  1. That has to be the first typo I didn't spot immediately. Wow. Kind of pretty.

  2. Now that's what I call S N O W

    I'm watching a rap video shot in Queens on Christiania TV on København Kanal and there's no snow there. They're bare chested and nodding.

    This band (called NOP? or MOP, or NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming?)is being interviewed. They played at Rust. They said they had a good time in Copenhagen and that Christiania TV rocks man.

    Thanks for all your great pics on this blog, Luce. And your project has just a fab atmosphere. I love the pictures. Next time I watch them I'm going to close my eyes so I hear the stories properly.

    Tired hugs

    God rejse tilbage til Irland!