Thursday 18 December 2008

Saint Bock, on Anger Management

Bock The Robber has heard about an Irish organisation that attempts to curb and temper anger, by showing people how to express their feelings in 'safe' ways. What's more, they've been on the national airwaves, for free, advertising their services on the national news. Bock is blessed, of course, with the ability to express his feelings lucidly and freely. Listen to the music of his opinions about the Irish Association of Anger Management:

This is Christmas, a traditional time of rage, drunkenness, resentment and violence, when families are forced together even though they’d rather screw rusty roofing nails into their eyeballs, and all the old bitterness that they’ve been locking down for a full year comes boiling to the surface.

More Christmas Pudding?

Fuck off.

... Here we are in an economic disaster with the economy collapsing all around us, cutbacks in healthcare, public transport and education, and the taxpayers being forced to bail out the greedy banks and the motherfucker property developers so that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will have to climb up inside chimneys scraping off soot at five years of age to make a few pennies to help pay the national fucking debt, and here comes this sanctimonious crowd of motherfucking craw-thumpers, getting free advertising, paid for by our taxes, and they’re telling us not to be angry.

Well, do you know what? The Irish Association of Anger Management can fuck off!!

They can fuck right off before I lose my fucking temper.


  1. Lie on your back with your eyes closed. Imagine yourself in a favorite, peaceful place. Imagine you are there. See and feel your surroundings. Hear the peaceful sounds. Smell the flowers. Feel the warmth of the sun.

    There, there, now. All better?

  2. Yep, just lost all feeling in my body entirely. That should do the trick. Thanks, Sheils.