Thursday 9 October 2008

Talkin, 2

So the biggest sleaze that McCain threw at Obama on tuesday was the $3 million overhead projector he tried to secure for a planetarium in Chicago, but apparently failed, depressingly. My ears perked up at the mention of this overhead projector. I've been using overhead projectors lately, and I would love to explore the possibilities afforded by one that cost 3 million dollars. I bet it rocks. I find it interesting that nobody in America seems to find it bizarre and disturbing that McCain would strip back all public funding except for the care of returned veterans. Seriously, do you not find this incredibly bizarre? From a European perspective, this is nuts. From a Scandinavian perspective, I think it is hardly comprehensible.

So this little weak bit of rhetoric exposed more about his own value system than Obama's. Overhead projector for kids and adults to learn about the cosmos in a planetarium? I certainly fucking hope so.

And while we're on the subject, all this talk about bringing soldiers home "in glory and not defeat" - does this not creep the fuck out of any human being who is not bloodthirsty? I mean, jesus.


  1. it's really strange I noticed that, I thought how he probably mention the $3,000,000 over head projector because everyone knows the junky overhead projectors that we had in school, and they say $3M for one of those?!! corruption! but the "overhead projectors" that are used in modern planetariums are of course orders of magnitude beyond those simple machines that everyone pictures when they hear "overhead projector" so he calculated peoples erroneous reaction to this image, the whole discourse is just depressing.

  2. here's a picture of a planetarium projector. Looks like it's going to explore the moon.