Friday 17 October 2008


I'm blogging from the boarding area of Shannon airport, after clearing immigration with a pretty cool South American woman officer. These things can, and have, in my experience, been intense. Last year I was interrogated for over an hour, before they let me through. This time, she asked some straight up questions, I gave her some straight up answers, she looked at my 'story' on her big database, stamped me up straight off, and vigorously. It's a nice sound, the stamping of a passport by immigration officials. But sitting in that little corridor for the second time, I really wasn't in the humour for all that bollocks all over again, so I'm really glad it was short and sweet.

I have had so many epiphanies in this departure lounge. It's a strange environment for an epiphany. A real, literal holding area. After last november's grilling, I sat here and vibrated until they opened the plane and I got into pretzel mode. This time, I've forgotten to order the Indian vegan option (apparently it's great) but otherwise the epiphany is muted. Thoughtful. This departure lounge needs an art project, something softening, engaging, drawing in. That corridor also needs an art project, to soothe freaked out people trying to get their story together.

So, it is going to be one of those long afternoons today. I love those. It's the best kind of jetlag.


  1. We should probably avoid traveling together.

    But my Homeland Security/corsetry story is kinda funny.

    Come to think, the Metal Frog -- or Toad -- tale brings a smile.

    Now the Handcuffs/Hoop Earrings story is at least ten years' stale, so maybe it don't count.

    But now I'm getting all warm and happy thinking about the indignities of travel. And that's something.

  2. Oh Sheila, so good to hear you have hairyscary immigration stories. Please please feel free to share. I'm three days into my lovefest reacquaintance with Ross and Brooklyn and internet life is coming back little by little.. good to see you here.

  3. How dare Sheila leave me hanging there with a corsetry issue....the thought of bodily restriction and airport departure lounges is very appealing!