Wednesday 15 October 2008

Here is ... This is Where

Finally, my two still movies, Milla and Rose from the This is Where series, are online.

This is what they look like.

(Also viewable on the vimeo page, where they are a bit larger. Bear in mind that these works are intended for large sized projected installations. Feel free to purchase a dvd where you can view them in the comfort of your own sofa, on your lovely flatscreen telly.)


  1. I love the images, you have an amazing talent for photography. I could have looked at them for a lot longer though, they went racing by too quickly for me... x

  2. Thanks, Clare, that is very kind of you. Pretty nice complaint! There will be more to this series, I will vimeo them and post them here too...

  3. Lucy, these were great. I viewed them over the weekend....great stuff, keep it up!

  4. Thanks, Phil. I've just re-recorded the vocal here at Wombat studio in Brooklyn, so I'll be re-uploading them over the next day or so. They sound kind of gorgeous now.