Tuesday 30 October 2007

For the love of Iggy

Didya ever hear the story of China Girl? Iggy Pop wrote it with David Bowie, when they both lived in a black-painted ten room apartment in Berlin. Have you ever heard Iggy's version of it? It's about as FUCKEDUP a rocknroll song as has ever been writ and taped. Naked.

So Iggy spent all his money on getting FUCKEDUP and was being made bankrupt, when Bowie decided to record China Girl for his Lets Dance record, so that Iggy would get half the royalties and get his shit together a bit.

That's love, I think.

But I'm listening closely to Lust for Life right now, and I think I've just heard him singing about hypnotising chickens.


  1. John Sharlpes recorded a version of China Girl here, I didn't play on that one, but it rocks.

  2. I've just looked at his website, and the first thing that hit me about the cover photo is that it's a really smart recreation of the Bringing it All Back Home album cover. Then I saw the brown leather sofa. And I realised. It's your house.

  3. Yes, you saw it all, and that's Petra, beautiful girl, a little tall for me...