Sunday 28 October 2007

A frank exchange of views between two mac whores on either side of the Atlantic, in the middle of the night the Leopard sprang

Cool. commented on yer blog, just watchin' the leopard demo video, it looks pretty cool, I don't need it , but I'll probably get it...

now you've got me watching the fucking tour. At four minutes to four in the morning. After a fucking weird night watching a U2 tribute band and some 60 year old trying to pick me up and then a 16 year old trying to become my best friend.

someone said "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" I'm still watching the video, and if you use it Time Machine looks pretty slick...

Jesus. John looks like a MacBook in human form. I get creeped out by too much mac. I'm not owned by them. John's already pissing me off. He looks too much like a penis. A macbook penis. A MacBook penis in a black turtleneck. I may have to blog this as a review of the leopard ad. It's not a turtleneck tho, but that sounds better. It's a long sleeved black tshirt, which is supposed to suggest anonymous creative productivity, I think. Maconformism.

Yeah he does have a funny perfect Mac rep look, I was sort of wondering at it myself, maybe he's a bot, all will be revealed (but probably not in this video, so don't watch it all the way to the end thinking something is gonna happen) (like it turns out that he's really part of leopard, like your own assistant bot...)

he's new feature number 267!

oh, poor John, imagine primary school, the taunts! the rhymes! the ridicule!

I don't like the dock's shiny floor. Overkill. Trying too hard. Like a puppy in a pound. Like a puppy in a pound with 1 day to go, and it's tuesday.

no I'm not crazy about that either, I don't like any of the purely visual gimmicks, but some of this stuff would end up being useful, you don't have to use all of it...

But can you choose? Don't you just get that shiny floor whether you like it or not?

I don't know, but you can probably make the whole thing disappear like I do now...

nah, i like that the dock is static, and that it doesn't change size or fuck around when you click on it. That's just the way I like it. I don't like too much of this bouncing around shit.

organising your recent work rocks. I will say that.

ichat looks pretty great too, just super smooth, smart, worked out.

they're also selling stuff that's already going on in tiger, like iDisk, but with a coverflow spin.

Oh man data detector is the shiiit! I'm buyin' it.

of course there HAD to be something in that 300 shiny list that was going to get you. Mac whore.

well hey, baby, you're still the one with the brand new mac around here!

time machine is a control freak's wet dream.

but the design of these things alone.. it's made for people who want to travel through space as if space was like it is on star trek next gen.

AAHHHHHH!! yeah, well they just said they have it in the online store and it's gonna take a lot to stop me buying it tonite.

spaces looks like a load of bollocks. all that 'to do' shit in Mail. bollocks. Mac junkie powder.

Yeah I don't know if I'd use spaces, I don't have a lot of separate multi-program activities, but... sometimes... yeah...maybe.

I have a trial of pages 08 by the way. I don't know if I gave it to you or brought it or where it is.. or even what it is, but it's only a 30 day trial.

i really don't dig the whole mac makes your life look great thing with templates.

Naw me neither, corny is what it is, but there are some good features

they do make designing incredibly easy. did i tell you about the website i made in about four minutes at the wedding? niall and noel dot com

No. Yeah, some stuff is working better, and some stuff needed to... I couldn't find the site, what are you doing awake?

oh, niall and noel? no, i made it in iWeb (yes of course i'm a Mac whore for fuck's sake, i bother to get the casing right in all their product names) but I have no dot mac so it's not live.. i think what i'm trying to say to myself is that i need to get a dot mac. which is slightly depressing right now.

oh god john just flashed up in my gmail. now there's nicolle.

It's really an impressive looking upgrade, I've been Mac'ing for quite a while, and well I ain't nevuh seen shit like this... I guess I know who my Mac daddy is...

alright alright alright, i surrender with iChat. We've been a salutary lesson in that over the past while. But you still need dot mac to do any of it. That's a drag.

Do you? yeah maybe, I'm not sure... I have it. I don't know if both people would have to, it doesn't seem like it...

ok the 'buddy list' leopard to leopard is sick, but useful. backdrops is retarded.

You know, for work, if you're in a hovel, you could dress it up for clients, I don't need it but...

You know you want it.

have you seen the shapes of some of these emails scrolled down? They're really beautiful looking. Tho for the full effect you need to get your arse out of Mail and into gmail. Seriously. Gmail is probably the best programme I have ever used on a computer.

The only thing out of all that that looks actually like something I'd want to use would be ichat. But it's hooked up with dot mac and I'm not there (right now or yet or something. it's a fucking drag to be paying mac a yearly subscription, what $75? too much like heroin.)

I don't remember how much, come on, not everything you spend money on is like heroin, ok, so maybe it is...

The only way of doing iChat right now is to sign up for a free 60 day trial of .mac (kiddy playground starter heroin) and you get an iChat signin name, and after the 60 day trial expires, you get to keep your iChat account. The only thing that bothers me about doing the 60 day .mac trial is that it probably means that I'll either go full tilt into .mac zone and start making a new website, or whatever, or else I just won't use it very much and blah blah blah on that side. Fuck it, I'll sign up for it.

Jesus, I've just seen the time. I've got to sleep some time tonight.

OK, jeez, go to sleep, I'm goin' to the bar for a beer before bed

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