Tuesday 12 January 2010

Freddy's is fighting back and they're doing it on Fox News, baby

When I'm in Brooklyn, my local bar is Freddy's. Freddy's is a bar where you can walk in the door and meet friendly faces, have a pint and a chat, listen to a band play, watch Donald's all day long art video installations made of heavily edited film and tv archive footage, sit in peace and read, and talk to at least a dozen people you are likely to know there. Freddy's is the heart and soul of the neighbourhood of Prospect Heights. Freddy's is under threat from some louse called Ratner who wants to shit on everyone's parade and take everyone's home away and put up a large piece of concrete junk instead and the supreme court of the United States has put their judgements behind him. It's disgusting.

I posted a piece on Clusterflock today about it.

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