Wednesday 28 October 2009

Mad World

Usually when a pop or rock song is remade as an acoustic piece of melancholia, especially if it involves strings, it bores the crap out of me. But I have been mesmerised by this song, and go through bouts of listening to it over and over. It's gorgeous. It is like Gary Jules excavated the original Tears For Fears song and made it vibrant again. The piano riff is a very lovely thing, it really makes the song. There's not much to the song, really. But I love it. If you haven't heard this version before, you are in for a treat. But you probably have. It was the song over the credits of Donny Darko, and it elicits the mood of the movie so beautifully.


  1. Oh yes, I adore this song. I remember that I discovered it through someone who had just watched Donnie Darko for the first time in the theatre, but quickly forgot that... and when I later, much later watched that movie myself, at home, the song came on and it felt like suddenly, right then, the universe made sense.

  2. It's a beautiful cover all right. Simple and effective. I remember going to Dublin specially to see a preview screening of Donnie Darko, and the Bunnymen song was an early sign of the exceptional musical selections to follow!

    I have a very strong and barely explicable association between the Tears For Fears original and a comic story in an annual that my sister owned, about a telepathic race with huge heads. My other sister used to beg me to play the Gary Jules version on the piano so that she could sing along. Good times all.