Saturday 5 September 2009

Loving earwigs

Gosh, this blog has been full of dead old guys lately, I've just noticed. Phew. Here, read this article about the sensual, passionate, feminine natures of earwigs instead.


  1. I did, and loved it, and bookmarked it. Thanks Lucy. As a kid I became nervous when chancing upon a deargadaol, but earwigs were always somehow more comical, if uncuddly.

  2. My thing was woodlice. God I loved them. I used to corral them and make them run all over my hands.

    The thing about earwigs when I was little is that there were a lot of rumours and myths about them biting you with their little pincers, so I used to steer clear. I am glad to have a lot of this cleared up now.

    What is a deargadaol?

  3. Woodlice are fine, but I never loved them enough to invite them to go running on my hands. I did rescue a lot of them from my grandmother's bath, though.

    Viney mentions the deargadaol in his article - it's better known as the devil's coach horse beetle.