Thursday 14 May 2009

Where's that bloody Chinese Flyin' 'orse, then?

Pete n Dud talk about art.


  1. Cooper's and my friend Dr Tee has devoted a room of her house to reproductions in a myriad formats and media of the Mona Lisa. How she can bear so many versions of that superior smile, I will never know.

    A while back Elizabeth Perry nearly spat sandwich at a professional conference when she checked her iPhone and read this from me: "Elizabeth, there's worse things than the bloody Laughing Cavalier."

  2. Sheila, this afternoon finds me recording a rough version of a new song, about someone with just such a superior smile! The song is called - at least now it's called - That Pleasant Smile.

    You know, people have told me sometimes that I looked like the Mona Lisa. That was perplexing, you know?