Sunday 15 February 2009

Female title options in London

I bought some tickets for various shows in London a couple of weeks ago, and they all had a variety of interesting title options, you know, the mr/mrs/miss genre of name prefixes, but this list from the ENO (the opera) set my imagination on fire a bit.

Tickets for the Very Reverend Lucytakesoff, please.


  1. Dame Lordlady Panthergrease for me, please.

    Actually, I quite like 'Miss'.

  2. I LOVE miss. I'm not buying that ms shit. But you know, Lady Lucytakesoff also has a kind of ring to it.

  3. 'Ms.' just makes my gorge rise, not least because 'Miz' has that Joel Chandler Harris sound to it.

    "Miz Buzzard, you gwine fer ter pester ol' B'rer Possum? Caize he lookin' kindly daid."

    No 'Miz' fer me.

    I do fancy 'Lady Lucytakesoff', though. Puts me in mind of Lord Buckley, whom I like even though you might say he is the hipster Joel Chandler Harris.