Wednesday 3 December 2008

Physicalising bits of the internet

I seem to be talking about Russell Davies a lot lately, specifically his Lyddle End 2050 project, his slow project attitude, and the general friendly contrariness of his jib. I have been talking a lot about his idea of physicalising the internet, I particularly like the notion of a ring binder with wikipedia bits in it, and an old shoe box of random flickr images. Our clusterflock meeting on saturday felt to me like the human version of this, as we had never met before, and our meeting was at the urging of another Clusterflocker none of us have ever met, the lovely Sheila Ryan, of the Driftless Region, Midwest of the Internet.


  1. I've got a ring binder containing ancient email correspondence between myself and fellow Clusterflocker Cooper Renner. Some items may date back to 2001, or even 2000.

  2. Oh that's really great: email love affairs. I lost so much of my archives, for a while I did all my writing on email, I have a feeling you probably do a lot of your writing that way too, and then my email archives got wiped out when I reached capacity limits. But there is an archive from 2000/2001 on my old performa in my folks' place in Clare. I look forward to having a look at that someday.