Monday 29 December 2008

Cake, lots of it

I went to my friend India's house yesterday, and this is what we ate. That chocolate cake was the size of two heads, and contained stout! Each slice was a cake. Sensational. We drank tea in very civilised fashion, and then a friend of hers came with some prosecco and champagne. Hurrah!


  1. Such a quantity of cake. A land of Cockaigne filled with cake -- and ruled wisely. If Sheila ruled, the prosecco and champagne would have commenced flowing the night before, and so much for cake!

  2. Dude, that stuff is evil. I probably drank the equivalent of a half bottle, all in all, and had no idea I was pissed out of my mind until I started to walk home. Half a bottle! Walked the wrong way, into the Wilderness beyond Carroll Gardens. Mind you, there's Wilderness in all directions from Carroll Gardens. I kinda like that about the place.