Wednesday 26 November 2008

The Philoctetes Project

Interesting audio piece from NPR talking about a project that attempts to help veterans and their families rehabilitate from war, by immersion in ancient Greek tragedy. Philoctetes was very close to my heart at one point. I was talking about him recently. I think it's time to re-read the play.


  1. Ever read Jonathan Shay's "Achilles in Vietnam"? One of the very few books by a psychiatrist I thought was worth reading.

  2. Haven't read that, but it sounds interesting. I have read Elizabeth Cook's version of Achilles, which was thrilling. First scene involves, hmmm, I think it's Odysseus, preparing the bloodbath to draw the dead souls to drink, it is so irresistible to them, the taste of hot blood, and Achilles comes, and drinks it delicately, lusciously. Styx.