Friday 14 November 2008

Giveaway: Chocolate Almond Torte

I have one of those Trader Joe's Chocolate Almond Tortes, just bought it this afternoon. Just took a slice. Yak. Not my thing, but it's got to be somebody's. So if it's yours, let me know, and if you live in Brooklyn or are willing to travel for your TJ's Choc Torte, come and get it.


  1. Hallo, Lucy.

    I am not interested in adopting your chocolate torte, but I am interested in knowing, if you are able to articulate it, what you don't like about it. What is it that makes a cake undesirable? For me, it's usually nasty frosting, or a purportedly chocolate item that, although suitably brown, has no chocolate flavor.

    In other news, I do live in Brooklyn, and Madame Sheila tells me we should get together with Mary Jeys. I am up for that, though my schedule completely sucks.

    How much longer are you in New York?

  2. Hey India,

    Totally up for the getting together bit. I'm hoping to be in New York on a more permanent basis soon, but right now it's until close to Christmas.

    I know, my usual responses to chocolatey things 'gone wrong' happen because of excessive sugary blandness or you know, it just doesn't quite get it. But this one is different. Have you had one of those Trader Joe's tortes? Because the flourless one is quite fantastic, and the lemony one is tart and grand. But this one seems to me to taste of meat. It is odd. I took a slice a couple of nights ago, and Ross tasted a little and we both agreed it was odd. Then I shouted, "it tastes like meat!" and he shouted, "yes that's it!" and though neither of us know much more about it than that, I think that will suffice to help you to understand my feelings better.

    I do not expect this to make you want to eat the torte. I do not have a sucky schedule and am available most times.