Tuesday 28 October 2008

These Absences

It has been so long since I have posted here regularly. There are endless things I can say. Lately it seems to be about this New York city reality that I have been living again this past 10 days. I have been busy with small things and thinking around the corners of big things. And real actual things getting done, also, which Takes Up Time. I do a lot of things, a lot of different stuff, and so sometimes this blog is a regular part of my routine, a regular mode of communication, and sometimes it is not. I still love it, though. And that has nothing to do with my stats, which vary wildly from time to time, depending on who is linking to me, and how often my regulars show up. This is not a one topic blog either, so it's a bit like showing up for coffee in your friend's flat, and having a chat, getting jiggy on a topic, around here, or getting outright talked at about something Lucy Feels Passionate About.

I hope you keep showing up. But whether you do or not, I am still here.


  1. Getting outright talked at about something Lucy Feels Passionate About -- my idea of A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight!

  2. Well I hate to muscle in here but I really could do with the company and I feel you girls are likely to make me wet myself with laughter so do you mind if I tag along? I'll buy the drinks and supply some entertainment as best I can!