Saturday 4 October 2008

Poochie mama

This week, I am a dogherdess, an animal husband, poochiemama to 9 dogs and 3 cats, 5 of whom are big high energied german shepherds. I have a favourite, she sleeps with me in my bed at night, but she's leaving tomorrow. Last night, she laid in my arms, on her back, her short legs sort of dangling in the air, as she rested her head on my chest. She is playing me like a fool. Here she is. Meet Dolly.


  1. Sleeping with critters is always so interesting. Most of my experience I've gleaned from cats. Cats possessed of the capacity to make themselves enormous. Gradually. In an insidious way. Till you're clutching the edge of the bed, gazing down into the abyss.

    I put up with things from cats that I've never tolerated with men.

  2. yeah, Dolly kind of does this also. She finds the middle of the bed, makes an unbelievably cute shape and starts to stretch from there. I thought I was getting better at nudging her out of the way so that I could sleep with enough duvet over me, but this morning I woke up in the corner of the bed again. I pulled the duvet over me, along came Dolly, burying herself deeply under the duvet, and began to snore heavily.

    She left this afternoon, her helicopter-flying parents came back to collect her after their course in Scotland.

    So, sleeping with critters reminds me of a man I met in the Black Mountains of North Carolina once, who slept with a wolf. I think I'd better tell this story once and for all. Properly.

  3. Oh, and I slept with a pair of whippets in New York quite a bit, last year. Until they moved to London. Sleeping with whippets is a different thing entirely. They are bred as foot warmers. Whippets are amazing. I LOVE whippets.

  4. Lucy...great words...I once remember sharing a bed with a Golden Retriever...well there was a woman there as well and there was the problem...that really is to much in one bed...something had to give. I feared for my own position in the hierarchy but thankfully common sense prevailed. These days I stick with cats, you know where you are with a cat - second best!

    I love Whippets too...but then there are about the size of a cat.


  5. Heya Phil!

    Well, how about 2 whippets, a man and me in a bed in Brooklyn, many nights last winter? Now that was something... whippets are not as big as greyhounds, but dude, they are substantial hounds. You might be thinking of Italian greyhounds, who are the little ones.

  6. Lucy
    I think with that many in a bed there would need to be a level of understanding when it came to moving!

    The Whippets I see here are very tiny...perhaps the Italian type!

  7. Cute! No, these whippets are full sized long limbed elegant and aloof creatures who make no bones about being bony in the bottom of your bed (UNDER the covers). I don't recall there being a lot of understanding. I do recall a lot of new sensations.

  8. Phil, search for the tag 'whippet' in my blog. A world of whippetude awaits you.