Saturday 6 September 2008

Timmy Thumbs

This is Timmy Thumbs. I met Timmy Thumbs in august 2003 when he was the resident cat in the tattoo parlour on St. Marks around 1st ave. I was taking pictures of the tattoo artists and generally shooting the shit in this incredible cave of images. Timmy had had some kind of a chequered history, I think. Kind of a rocknroll polydactl.

There were Timmy Thumbs posters on the wall of the waiting room part of the studio, next to an old fullsize pacman machine. Timmy spent a lot of time hanging out on this futon sofa, showing off his crazy paws. I made him a photoshoot.


  1. Timmy Thumbs has got a bit of a Django Reinhardt thing going. Serious star quality.

  2. Yes, I saw it the minute I walked into the joint. We are not alone, though. Timmy Thumbs had the kind of star quality that everyone can recognise. He had the kind of benign aloof look about him that comes from having humans get very very excited every time they see your feet. I must look for some more pics from that photoshoot.