Saturday 13 September 2008

The future of sex, caring, nursing, um... women?

Female robots.

"I see faces, understand voices and make facial expressions. At the moment I am just a machine, but someday I may be fully alive and aware."

Kiddy voice, looks a lot like daisy lowe

I kind of dig Eva

Sinister child woman

Conservative hockey mom

For the gentleman who likes his android in a plastic miniskirt

Ok. And there are some male versions too. Compare and contrast. Discuss. Comment!

Cycling robot

Village people go Michelin: I am not sure this is the future

Fiddlin bot


  1. "The body is being worked on. Aiko will be able to walk in the near future."

    Damn. Now I can walk -- and the machines are shaping my mind ever closer to the robotic ideal -- but I am still a long way from perfecting the look that Aiko has down so well -- that combination of Children of the Damned and fuck-my-silicone-hole sex doll.

  2. Hey Sheila, here's a cool story about a robot going to an asteroid to collect dust and rock! Man, those androids get some good jobs lately. I wonder if they'll send the one with the tasteful wig? Or the village people? At least they can groove while they sweep...