Saturday 20 September 2008

At Hoxton Square

I am in a hotspot in Hoxton Square, London. London is very peopled. It feels denser than New York and I can't figure out how that could possibly be. Maybe they're just all out on the street or something. Anyway, it's fabulous. I'm totally entranced by the tube stations here. Jesus. I have always been a big subway fan, and thrill to experiencing different cities' subway systems. It's a way of getting to know a city intimately, even at first glance. Love the stuff. And I've been to London quite a few times before, it was my first ever subway system when I was 14 and wandering around on my own, and several times since then.

But this time it seems different, I've seen quite a few more subway systems since the last time I was in London but Jesus, the tube is so beautiful. It's really entrancing me. The stations themselves, architecturally, the sheer labyrinthine quality of them, the colours, the designs, are so different from station to station. Then there's the trains. The seating is all lengthways down the carriage, and the seats are much closer to each other than New York, for instance. And they're soft furnished! Oh. I love subway systems. People here are so interestingly dressed also.

I'm really very surprised by this city. Really enjoying it. Loving English people. Loving them. More when I have another minute to spare...

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