Wednesday 13 August 2008

Pretty enough

Thoroughly flawless girl (except perhaps for the fact that she has been made a fraud, but by the time this will show in her character she will be probably be already too old, ie. over 10, by then anyway)

Not thoroughly flawless girl.

So the stories are oozing out of China. One can only suck in for so long.

Big hooha as it is revealed that the little girl who was seen 'singing' at the Olympics opening ceremony was just lipsynching. "The child on the screen should be flawless in image, in her internal feelings, and in her expression. In the matter of her voice, Yang Peiyi [girl in the second picture] was flawless, in the unanimous opinion of all team". So says some spokesman, explaining the actions that led to Yang Peiyi standing behind a screen, singing into a microphone, while another girl mummed for the cameras out front.

The real singer was not used, in favour of the girl in the first picture, who was considered flawless, presumably, in her image, internal feelings and expression. The original child chosen to sing the song turned out, at 10, to be too old for the job. Ah. Dear.

I didn't see the opening ceremony, and I haven't been watching any of the events either, but this story caught my eye. There are a lot of stories coming out about western journalists being roughed up, and fake fireworks and such.

So here's the last word, from the girl behind the screen...

"Yang Peiyi is said to have reacted well to the disappointment. "I am proud to have been chosen to sing at all," she said. "


  1. I think both of these posts relate to "painting the lawn green" which I've been thinking about... ... commenting on military preparedness during the cold war, it was pointed out that before an inspection at a military base, someone would go out and paint the brown grass green... just fakin' it, not even trying to solve a real problem, or just do it right, really givin' up the ghost... so not just America is fucked, but china and russia, too...

  2. Oh God, I just realised I'm feeding your desire to see Everything as Fucked. See, the reason I dig the video of Aaron Draplin is that he has seen something that really matters to him, and responds to its loss with passion and heart. You know? This is not a picture of someone who has withdrawn into bitterness or narratives about how the world is fucked. He comes out of it with renewed heart, and greater involvement in the world. Rocks.

    And the Chinese story is interesting because they have been sending toasters and DVD players and pencils and Apple Mac computers into the world for a long time now, and finally the world is coming to China, and it's like my mum when she's expecting visitors: she is very keen to 'tidy the house up so it looks like normal people live here'.

    I am keen to point out that we don't have 'Free Clonlara' protestors in the back field, and neither are we roughing anybody up for blogging from the upstairs spare bedroom.

  3. Just thinking about your painting the lawn green mini-history anecdote. Hmmm... interesting.

  4. no, yeah, I saw that guy as a very positive reaction to this stuff that goes on... on the side of the angels

  5. Yeah and the angels are sometimes saying that things are fucked, but there is also at the same time, heart and vigour and aliveness and courage.