Tuesday 25 March 2008

The long distance blues

I've got the long distance blues
the iChat blues
the video skype blues
the gmail chat blues
the email blues
the snail mail blues
the mobile phone texting blues
the occasional phone conversation blues
the writing my next email to him in a text document because the house I'm living in doesn't have broadband yet blues
the seeing some small cows on the side of the road and stopping to take pictures so he can see what I see blues
the having profound feelings about what may and may not be possible and no good way to express these feelings blues
I've got the blues
I've got the long distance blues.
I've got the distance between county Clare and Brooklyn blues.
Here's a picture of those cows.


  1. fergalsayshello25 March 2008 at 22:36

    I recognise that blue cow, we used to be friends once upon a time

  2. Hey Fergal,
    Nice to hear from you.. yes, these fellas are the friendly sort, just slightly alarmed by me whipping out my laptop and taking pictures of them with it. Just so long as I'm not some kind of calfophile or something..