Thursday 11 October 2007

The jetlag roadshow rolls on

The jetlag show is the longest running musical in town, this week. This morning I awoke at 3.30 am, so now I'm on Moscow time, or something. I'm having all sorts of strange combinations of feelings, today, too. A little earlier it was despondent and fine. I've just been experiencing loss of faith in good things. It's such a pity when that happens.

A cringe ricocheted through the afternoon like a bullet of lightning.

I saw an excellent band last weekend. They're called Fly Ashtray, they're from the Bronx and they've been together for years. They make a gorgeous fat harmonic rocknroll sound. A love vibe composed of the orgasm bits of classic 70's rocknroll, mixed together with a little avant garde kick to the left, and delivered with a kind of expanded punk soul. And I've got to mention them, because they've just emailed me to say they're going to fill up my iPod with free cds. And they rock. Truly.

Anyone got a joke?

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