Friday 8 January 2010

Ireland has run out of salt

(From my Facebook page)

Lucy Foley   Ireland has run out of salt.

Michael  i heard about this...don't go outside.

about an hour ago

Kelsey I heard that the Netherlands have resorted to using fragrant bath salts on their roads.
about an hour ago

Lucy Foley All the supermarkets are even out of domestic salt(If you've lived anywhere actually cold, you'll recognise that -4 is not even all that freakily cold, actually) and the whole country is throwing up its hands and running around doing the funky chicken. But slipping and falling over, because there is no salt down.
5 mins ago

Lucy Foley  Kelsey: The Dutch probably do that anyway. Feckin' hippies.
about a minute ago


  1. I've lived in subzero temperatures. From what I remember, it all feels the same below freezing.

    Feckin' hippies!

  2. Yes, up until about -15, when something else entirely starts to happen. My experience of this was in Norway. The cold water in those temperatures HURTS. You can die on the ski lifts in the evening, because you are not moving and you are up high, up a mountain and it is -30. It's great though. No burst loos, as far as I recall (which we are getting here, at -4).