Friday 27 February 2009

Cat Friday

A short expose of the truth of cat.

This seems to me to be a kind of parable about the dangers and responsibilities inherent in getting everything you've ever wanted.

And in every cat friday there's got to be a dash of sheer dog truth. Because they are the other side.

Now stop purring all over me and go clean up your litter tray.


  1. That rat-beloved cat's not right.

  2. Now see, to me that video is all about the rats. I just hear intense fandom in their high sonar squeaks. I can hear what they are saying. The rat within translates.

    The rats say, "you rock you rock you rock you rock we want to be with you always and follow you everywhere and be with you always and become cats by loving you so much. You rock you rock you rock."

    And the cat says, "mebbe a leedle."

  3. I think you are right about the rats, but I think the cat is thinking "rock, rock, rock, rock, rock" not "I rock, or "I am rocking now" but "rock, rock, rock, rock, rock"

  4. Did you see that rat literally running over his brother to get to his beloved? The big furry thing! It is what rocks! Run to the big furry rocking beloved!

  5. And the cat licking the rat's arse and winking at him like, "yeah, you're alright, kid".

  6. "Run to the big furry rocking beloved!"

  7. Bloody brilliant! I'd lick the ass of my beloved! Or is that like? Any how, moving swiftly on.

  8. Ok look, there's been this informal 'cute friday' event happening in an email pool I am not ashamed to admit to being a part of,

    hello. my name is lucy and I am in the cute friday email list.

    and so I have some choice back catalogue of all kinds of interspecies furry loving. If I can remember to continue this as a series (please, dear readers, feel free to remind me of it) I hereby anoint fridays '---- friday', the ---- bit being filled in by whatever species gets featured on any given friday. Ok?

    You will have to remind me. Set your alarm clock.