Sunday 4 January 2009

My Macbook lying in state

The fox is one of those paid mourners. I'm not sure his heart is in it.

It was a one and a half year old Macbook, died while having itself cleared of space, so that it wouldn't die.  This is a terrible pity.


  1. hi lucy foley- the artist previously known as lucie and before that lucy-
    bloody hell mrs. i just resurrected my computer of viruses and thought i'd say hello and happy new year- the little fox mourner made me laugh but I'm horrified for you as I know the love in that computer. hope it will be resolved. maybe you could just get a new harddrive? i know it doesn't solve everything but it might be possible.
    Hope 2009 is a wonderful year.xx sile.

  2. Hey Sile,
    Yes, it is time to put something a little less ghoulish here now... Well, I've actually been mostly busy making music and songs and recording so the computer issue is still kind of hanging in limbo right now. It appears from anecdotal evidence that my puta is truly dededly dead, but the data is not entirely unretrievable:
    1. A certain amount of it is backed up.
    2. It costs about a thousand dollars, at the latest estimate.

    A few things seem to be unbacked up, to my immense dismay of course, but I've been around this block before also and continuing to get on with this incredibly inspiring process right that I'm engaged in right now.

    Meanwhile, I can, as you say, get a new hard drive and carry on again. Ross has offered to buy me a whole new computer, one of these pissfancy new unitard macbooks, but you know, we are borderline church mice...

    It is so great to see you here, I will be in Ireland (flying through Dub actually!) on the 14th for a bit. How's your schedule?

    And I wish you wonders back my dear, in 2009 and beyond...