Sunday 21 September 2008

Daisy: a true story with pictures

Daisy discovers the Spiegeltent...

Daisy meets her very first cocktail!

Daisy discovers some big city conundrums!

Daisy sees a little hint of home in the city

I have been taking pictures. They will be up soon. London rocks. In the meantime, have this...

In Dublin, I performed a little show in the Fringe Festival about a daisy's fantastic journey of living in some hard circumstances, and her plucky, inspiring attitude to life in the midst of what others might consider tragedy. To accompany my performance, I illustrated the journey with daisy herself, sitting in a plastic beer glass with a little water in the bottom of it. I brought daisy with me through the streets and interiors of Dublin I visited on friday, and took some photographs of what she saw there.

It is a long way from the train tracks of Ballybrophy, from where she was plucked.

Incidentally, my one woman one daisy rollercoaster of a show, the one minute love hit, is available for booking for our forthcoming world tour, which will be accompanied by a photo show, detailing her amazing journey from the Ballybrophy railway tracks. Queries from promoters, festivals, galleries and hosts are welcome at the email address on the right.

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