Tuesday 19 August 2008


This is probably only happening because I'm blogging late, but anyway... Not as good as Ernest Borgnine, but not too bad for twenty past midnight. What? You didn't see Ernest Borgnine? Hmm.


  1. I saw Ernest. God bless his two hundred year old sphincter. And I wrote about Horst Bucholz briefly a couple of days ago. And how could they NOT be related. I'm here because of the Bock thing... Love the NY pics. Really transportational, and really? The words equal 50% of the transportation.

  2. Hiya Nick! Well I'm glad you dropped by and had a good look around... I've got a show in Enniskillen next month, of 2 video works based on my photographs, words and music by my collaborator, Ross. I'll be posting about it soon. Hope to see you again around here!